Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Window Shopping

This painting is more in keeping with my usual style of watercolours. I like there to be a story in a painting or try and create one by situation. This chap looks like his shopping trip is going to cost him more than he has in his pocket!
Less is more I find and I try to apply this in my work. I hope you find this of interest.


John Salmon said...

First Class as always Trevor. Thumbs Up.

Ramana KV said...

Surely interesting :) Very well done.. Lot to learn.. :)

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Your the master Trevor. Excellent!!! Nice, one shot, right on control. I am very impressed.

Mark Sheeky said...

Wow now that I like. I thought it was a posting of a 1930's painting from a museum!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi John
Cheers mate.
Much appreciated

Trevor Lingard said...

Thank you ver much Ramana

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Stephen
Your comments are too generous.
Kind Regards

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Mark
Good to hear from you.
Cheers too for the comment.

Sheila said...

Wonderful Trevor. What is the dimension of this jewel? Is this a Forties era image? If so, one of my favorite times. More please...

DARWEN REPORTER, Linda Preston said...

You've created a sense of unease between the couple. He has an air of detachment from his partner.

I don't think this painting is really about shopping. There are sharp angles in the body posture and to me that's suggests conflict!

The mirror in the painting is of course non judgemental. It can only reflect what it really sees.

It can only reflect the truth.

And what is really the truth between these two?

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Sheila
15"x11" (quarter imp).Is that what you mean?
I love this era too.
Very stylish.
Would you have worn similar?
Kind Regards

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Linda
It is nice to hear from a local Darwener.
Thank you for visiting my blog and your very interesting comments.

Blair said...

Excellent piece, Trevor. Interesting and subtle connection between the man and the woman on the right?

Trevor Lingard said...

Thank you Blair
She does create a diversion and balances the perspective.

Douglas Hoover said...

Trevor, elegant composition! What I love is your implied detail. Indeed, less is more.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Douglas
Thank you very much.
Hope your keeping well too.

Zhao Jinxing said...

Hello Trevor Lingard, I like your watercolor painting figures, to congratulate you!
zhao jinxing

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Zhao
Thank you for visiting again.
Your comments are very much appreciated.

Edward Burton said...

Beautiful period piece! I love your wonderful watercolor technique.

Marian Fortunati said...

Gorgeous watercolors...
And your oils are beautiful too.... Even if your granddaughter doesn't think anyone will recognize her..
What a hoot!!

Theresa Rankin said...

This is so delightful, Trevor!! I adore it! Lots of light,implied simplicity and loose lively brushwork. Congratulations, on such a grand talent!

Pierre Raby said...

Love it Trevor- everything is perfect
in this stunning narrative piece.