Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I must admit that I do enjoy painting Venice.
Though perhaps my blog has too many venice scenes.
It is the easy solution for me to choose Venice to paint today, although I do wonder if I am in my comfort zone to much.
Each day inspiration is my biggest hurdle (what shall I paint today).
I am sure that is the same for everybody.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

your views of Venice are really very nice...

Trevor Lingard said...

Dear Laura
Thank you as always for visiting my blog and especially your comments which are very much appreciated.
Kind Regards

Keith Tilley said...

Hello Trevor,

These Venice scenes are very nice and show your enjoyment in them. I'm sure something else will inspire you in due course.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Keith
It is good to hear from you.
Thank you for visiting and for your comment. Are you still busy with the forum?
Best Regards

Amit Kapoor said...

Really great work. your colors are awesome. Lovely composition.

AK said...

Love the way you have captured the light and shade.

Arti said...

Beautiful rendering of a beautiful city...

Anonymous said...

Trevor...another beauty. I can't imagine me getting tired of your Venice paintings.

Mark Sheeky said...

You do paint Venice so well. Perhaps its the way you manage to effortlessley get sunlight into your work... have you painted many rainy days?

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Mark
Its goods that you have visited.
I am honoured.
Interesting question Mark re rainy days. I only tend to use rainy days in my landscapes, because I prefer that mood rather than pretty skys.
However I dont paint many landscapes, but much prefer architectural compositions.
Best Regards

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Ak
I am pleased that you like this piece.
Kind Regards

Trevor Lingard said...

You are so kind to visit Arti.
I am so pleased that you find time to comment.
Kind Regards

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Amit
You are very generous with your comments.
Thank you very much

Trevor Lingard said...

Dear Julie
I am honoured that you should visit again.
Your comments are very much appreciated

BrandNewStudio said...

I enjoyed your
Work very much
Good Creations

Musa Balan Watercolor said...

Very nice work!..

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