Monday, 9 March 2009

Pub entertainment

I like a painting to create a story.
These chaps are enjoying a pint in the local pub. They are being entertained by a performance.
I wonder by what!!!


I huset ved bekken said...

Very nice.
I like those colors.
From Kate in Norway

Dean H. said...

Love it, Trevor! It really gets a viewer involved. I think they are enjoying some live of the instruments is a fiddle.

Fábio Cembranelli said...

Hi Trevor, wonderful fleshtones and figure work!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Kate
Thank you for visiting again.
It is nice to hear from you.
Keep warm!!!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Dean
Great that you called again. It is always good to hear from you.
Thank you so much for the award too.
Very much appreciated.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Fabio
Your comments are much welcomed and valued.

Serena said...

Hi Trevor- what a lovely warm painting this is, very expressive too. We had a pub like this once with a snug area- I'm sure I recognize those faces!! It had live music too where everyone used to join in. It has now been completely revamped, but this picture really has bought back some fun memories. Thank you!

Ramana KV said...

Hi Trevor, It sure creates a wonderful story of the pub.. Beautiful..

benjaminlois said...

hi Trevor!! really very nice watercolour!! i love that pubs and love too having a pint with friends!! when i see your paints is like i would be there at Englandand is really good for me cause i love your country!!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Serena
This must bring back memories. But I`m sure you are not old enough to remember the flat cap brigade.
Thank you for visiting, its nice to hear from you again.

Trevor Lingard said...

Thank you Ramana
I very much respect your comments.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Benjaminlois
Thank you so much for calling again.
It is alays nice to hear from you.
Glad you like the old pub scene.

Sheila said...

I love your work Trevor! You're are a visual historian of sorts. You capture more emotion and ambiance than any photo can.

Michelle Burnett said...

Trevor, Your wonderful brushwork makes the scene come alive! Great work!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Sheila.
You are again so good with words which I envy. I wanted to give you the award on the above posting, but you have had it sent to you before I believe.
Lovely to hear from you.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Michelle.
Your comments give me the lift I need. Thank you

Douglas Hoover said...

Trevor, you've captured a great moment in time. You're work is so expressive.

To continued creativity!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Douglas
I am very honoured that you have visited and commented.
Best wishes to you and your family.

Edward Burton said...

Wonderful painting, Trevor! I love the characters and the composition - makes you wonder what they are watching.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Edward
It is so good of you to visit again.
Thank you for your valued comments.
I`m so glad you like the painting.

Morgaine said...

This is wonderful ! love it, reminds me of some of the pubs in West Yorkshire where I come from.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Morgaine
Glad you like it.
Those were happy days when pubs were pubs. A bit different now I think. Dont You?
Thank you for calling and kind regards

Jala Pfaff said...

Fantastic!!! As a lover of portraiture, I enjoy seeing some of your figures closer-up than usual.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Jala
I very much value your comments.
Thank you so much for visiting again.

James Parker said...

Very nice...that guy in the background with the 6 empty ale bottles looks like me. I wonder....

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello James
Nice one.
If you drink in the same pubs has me probably is you.
Sounds like you enjoy a beer James, too.
Nice to hear from you.
Best Regards

Galina Nikolova said...

Hi, Trevor, I really got ivolved in your aquarelle stories.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Galina
Thank you for visiting. I look forward to our continuing communications.
Please forgive me ..but I am not familiar re aquarelle stories!!!!!
Kind Regards

Galina Nikolova said...

I meant that your paintigs sound wonderful and real at the same time, which according to me is very difficult to achieve. The auarelle technique is a very hard one and you make it really very expressive.
Best regards

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Galina
Please forgive me for my ignorance.
I am very greatful that you have commented and your explanation which I now understand.
Kindest Regards

Galina Nikolova said...

Hello Trevor,
Probably my English is too scholastic. I studied it from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin:) Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog, and your encouraging too.
Best regards

Trevor Lingard said...

Pink Floyd and Led Zep.
Your a lady after my own heart.
I`m mad , Ive always been mad!!

Alan Pedder said...

Really like this one Trevor. Are they intrigued by you on your saxaphone perhaps ?

Trevor Lingard said...

Hey Alan
Good to hear from you my friend.
I think they would be throwing their beer at me if it were. More likely to be a pretty young lady singer, by the smile on the old chaps face.