Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Wakes Week

The scene is set has holiday makers wait at the train station departure platform to go on holiday. Wakes weeks were based round mill workers annual holidays, were everybody took them at the same time. I hope this brings back some memories to a few.


Megha Chhatbar said...

Hey first of all congrats! And yes definitely there are few memories. I guess there are few who have not traveled through train..That busy station and coming and going trains creates fascination to kids..:)
Well done Trevor!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Megha
It is nice that you have memories similar. Thank you for your welcomed comments.
Kind Regards

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Nice painting Trevor. I don't recollect anything akin to Wakes Week here in the states, although August is the traditional vacation month but I always thought that was because it was after summer school and before regular school. I really don't know. I can imagine Wakes Week was a welcomed time for those people having to work in mills.

Arti said...

Hi Trevor..a delightful painting ,this one.Only you can attempt and achieve this frenzy in water colors!:)

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Stephen
Yes it may well be akin to the Uk. Please forgive my ignorance, and assuming the same elswhere. It does however sound similar to your traditional vacation, Thank you for visiting again. It is always good to hear from you.
Best Regards

Trevor Lingard said...

Thank you Arti.
I do like that term ..Frenzy.. my style has also been called chaotic too. I shall use that term this evening in a demonstration class I have. It is lovely to hear from you again.
Kindest Regard

Serena said...

A delightful story-telling watercolour as ever, Trevor. For all it's packed content the colours are, in contrast, beautifully muted and subtle- a lovely mix :o)

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Serena
That description is very gratifying.
Thank you very much for those very much appreciated comments.
Kindest Regard

laurens.paint.palette said...

I agree with how Serena commented on your paitings- being "story-telling" - that is so very true!

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Trevor,
wounderful watercolor scene with a great explanation . Those people are so elegantly dressed, not an American scene. I miss a black locomotive with puffs of smoke to wiggle the feathers in those hats!!!! Both, watercolor and narrative superbe! Happy painting

Sheila said...

I have decided you are a Renaissance painter living in Modern Times Trevor.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Luaren
I am pleased it has creates imagination.
Thank you kindly.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Mariano
It is so good to recieve your comments. I agree with you..next time a steam engine will be shunting away in the distance.
Best Regards

Trevor Lingard said...

If only...
I must admit I am an old fashion chap who likes a bit of nostalgia.
They must have been hard times, but the people and places were more friendly...I think!!!
Thank you Sheila..I always enjoy your visit and especially your comments.
Lots of good wishes to you and your family.

Desiree Cassidy said...

I can feel the hustle and bustle of this peice, the ceiling has a nice soft look to it, great contrast to the busy bunch below.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Desiree
Thank you for your comments and for visiting again.
I do appreciate that very much.
Kindest Regard

Rob Carey said...

Beautiful piece, Trevor. It's been a while since I've searched blogs and you've been producing some great images. Your use of watercolor is just wonderful.

Edward Burton said...

Wonderful piece, Trevor. It has a great atmosphere about it.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Rob
Its good to hear from you again.
I am so pleased that you have visited and especially pleased to recieve your words of encouragement.
Best Regards

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Edward.
Has always I am so pleased that you have taken up your valuable time to comment.
Best Regards

L.Holm said...

Beautiful, Trevor! I love the low key, complementary color scheme...it feels very nostalgic, and really captures the filtered light of the station. Have not heard of wake week before, and am glad to learn about it!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Liz
Thank you for visiting again. I am pleased that you like this painting for the elements you have mentioned. Glad you found the theme interesting too.
Kind Regards

benjaminlois said...

hi Trevor!! again, another great wauercolour!! i love the atmosphere you create!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Benjaminlois
So good to hear from you again. Your comments are very much appreciated.
I hope you are well and the world is treating you well.
Best Regards

Michelle (artscapes) said...

This is fantastic! Wonderful mood and excellent use of a limited palette!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Michelle
Its good to hear from you. Im so pleased you called to see some of my watercolours.
Thank you for the comments too, which are very welcome.
Kind Regards

Jala Pfaff said...

It looks like you're back in the swing of things! Great tonalism.

sam said...

I was just thinking from the hats and dress that this might not be modern day! You can really feel the hustle and bustle. Looks like you are on top form, I hope you have solved some of your concerns of last week

Galina Nikolova said...

Hello, Trevor.

What makes me amazed in your works is the way you manage to collect in one painting so much movement and space. And all executed in such deep velature tones.

And you seem to get to it so easy!

Thank you

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Galina
You are very generous with your description of my work. I am very pleased that you enjoy this .
Thank you so much for giving me much encouragement.
Kindest Regard

Fábio Cembranelli said...

Hi Trevor...it's a pleasure to visit your blog almost every day. I've linked your blog to mine again, hope you don't mind. Take a look at my post "blog award II". Thanks for sharing your stunning work!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Fabio
Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very happy that you should link to my blog and I will gladly reciprocate.
It is always a pleasure to hear from you.
Best Regards

Paula Villanova said...

Another lovely painting Trevor...I love your choice of subject matter and that you include so many figures. This one has a real sense of place to me.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi paula
I am pleased you like this painting. I do enjoy movement in a painting and by including figures achieve this I hope.
Thank you for visiting again and your commenets.
Kindest Regard

rob ijbema said...

like an updated classic,
great how you put the drama in there trevor

Trevor Lingard said...

Thank you so much Rob
I value your comment very much.
Best Regard

José said...


I really like the almost monochromatic tones on this one.
They unify the work and make it pleasant to look at.
Its composition is well achieved.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Jose
Thank you for visiting and your comments. I hope you will allow me to follow your blog.

Sheila Wedegis said...

Trevor, I love the light in this one! LOvely piece!!!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi SAheila
Thank you so much for visiting and your comments. I hope you are well and the dogs too.
Kindest Regards

Anonymous said...

Hello Trevor, I hope writers with no understanding of the visual arts are welcome to comment. Your works have a comforting feel to them and remind me of moments in my life - emotions and situations, holidays, events... I really like Wakes Week. I hadn't known about the holiday prior to your blog (from north america), and the picture of everyone's backs to the "lens" caught my eye. Wish I had a little of that kind of talent. Thanks for showing your works here. - ananji

Trevor Lingard said...

Thank you very much Ananji
I much appreciate your time to visit my blog and especially for commenting on my work.
Kind Regards

Lavana said...

You are a great artist !